Success at the Open Day at the Traditional Irish Cob Centre of Excelence

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by Herbert Ferrell

What an absolute amazing day at the open day for the latest recognised native Irish breed; The Irish Cob. Fabulous weather, beautiful animals and the greatest of hospitality to just top it off. Whether there with a true passion for native Irish animals or merely looking to have the most enjoyable of days, Devine’s Equestrian Center of Excellence exhumed absolutely everything triumphant in line with its enormous achievement.

Set in the very heart of Ireland, buried in one of the most hidden jewels of the Hidden Heartlands in Longford, the Irish Native Rare Breed Association witnessed the fruits of the passion of many but spearheaded by one pioneer. Smiles beaming, pride in in every step and a heart filled with vigour was how our very own Brigid Devine could be described.

She invited and the crowds came. Old reminiscing, youth in awe and us middle aged gracious for a magical era we almost missed out connecting with.

Oh, how the spark of life exploded with every take told of the great and powerful Irish Cob. The engine of rural Ireland gif centuries. The glisten in the eye of every child within earshot of the almost recital stories of those present.

It was not a new chapter but rather felt more of the next paragraph in a story that binds more lineage together than we could ever comprehend.

We congratulate Brigid on the tireless and relentless energy she has put in to save not only our heritage but more likely our future too.

Do not disappoint yourself if ever within driving distance of the excellent equestrian center. It’s big, it’s fine but above all else, it’s for every age.

Well done to our very own Brigid. Today is a great day that is already recorded in history!