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The uplands of Ireland are a mosaic of different habitats that are found above the enclosed field systems that characterise more lowland areas. The uplands are often dominated by blanket bogs, upland grasslands and different types of heath, and it is within an uplands setting that these habitats are most commonly farmed.


Conservation Status of Uplands

Uplands perform vital ecological services that are essential to the wellbeing of our wider society. These include water storage and flood attenuation. Uplands are also important natural habitats, and the preservation of upland landscapes is essential in maintaining and promoting biodiversity. Europe’s
uplands, and those on the island of Ireland in particular, are associated with high nature-value farmland. Uplands’ abilities to deliver ecosystem services are, however, under threat from climate change and land abandonment. Maintaining vibrant upland farming communities is important, not just in socio-economic terms, but also in respect of conservation and biodiversity.

Types of Uplands

For information on the uplands of Ireland explore ‘The Irish Uplands Forum

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