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Connemara Pony


Recognised indigenous

Key Characteristics

The Connemara is a medium sized breed standing around 12.2 to 14.2 hands, making it a very sort after riding pony for children and small adults. It is hardy breed that can withstand poor weather conditions and will thrive on upland and lowland semi natural grassland habitats. The breed should not be grazed on highly fertilised grasslands where there is a risk of obesity and laminitis. As with all breeds of ponies they require regular checking, hoof trimming and worming.


It is thought that the Connemara blood line was introduced to Ireland by the Vikings. The Connemara breed originates from the west coast of Ireland, explaining its hardiness and ability to thrive in difficult weather conditions.

Suitable Habitats

Native breeds of horse are excellent for conservation grazing, they can manage areas of difficult terrain that machinery cannot access.

The positioning of their teeth allows them to graze very close to the ground, so are suitable on sites where a short sward is required. For example, mountain or coastal breeding habitat for chough requires short turf for feeding sites.

As with all horses they are selective grazers, leaving a mosaic of habitat if the site being grazed is large enough to allow extensive grazing to occur. They will move through mature heather, gorse and bracken knocking back regrowth and creating tracks for other grazers such as sheep and goats.

Breed Societies

Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society

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