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Galway Sheep


Recognised indigenous

Key Characteristics

The characteristics of the Galway breed are:
i. Colour – White
ii. Head – Hornless; back of head, between and underneath the ears covered with short wool and showing a medium bob. Ears of good length and of fine texture and free from black or brown spots. Nostrils dark in colour and wide. Rams should have a bold masculine head of medium size.
iii. Neck – Thick, short and well set.
iv. Shoulders – Well laid, level and wide at top.
v. Chest – Wide, deep and well forward.
vi. Ribs – Well sprung.
vii. Back – Long and level with strong, wide loin; rump wide and well fleshed, back bone not prominent.
viii. Barrel – Deep, thick and long with straight underline.
ix. Legs – Medium length, straight, square and well apart, having good bone and covered with wool to the knees and hocks. Slight feather on hind legs below the hocks, permissible but not desirable. Hind quarters deep, full and broad. Feet sound and well-shaped with short, straight pasterns. Hoof black with sound horn.
x. Fleece – White and moderately long. Fibre wavy and of fine texture; staple broad, closely set and free from tips. Belly well covered with short, thick wool.
The fleece in general should be as uniform in fibre texture as possible.
xi. Skin – Light and pink in colour.
xii. Carriage – Gay and alert.
xiii. The Galway Breed are renowned for their Size,Docility and quality of their fleece of wool.

Case studies –  highlighting how the breed is being farmed in Ireland

Droimeann Cattle and Galway Sheep – Case study

Breed Societies

Galway Sheep Breeders Association Ltd

Contact Details :
Tom Murphy
087 948 6530

Suitable Habitat Types


Meet The Farmers

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